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Versatop gives traditional pipe and drape uprights a makeover.

Versatop’s Telescoping Glide-Lock Uprights™ are a complete makeover of the traditional slip-lock telescoping upright. Glide-Lock Telescoping Uprights™ feature a smooth, slip locking mechanism which allows for easy lifting with a strong non-marring lock that keeps your hardware looking good use after use. The single button lock release makes raising and lowering your uprights easier than […]

An Introduction to Versatop™ Pipe and Drape 2.0®

Versatop™ Pipe and Drape 2.0® revolutionizes traditional pipe and drape with their innovative Crown™ and Ball Cap™ design and Glide-Lock Uprights™. Pipe and Drape 2.0® is built to last and provide you with years of hassle-free pipe and drape setup and take down, eliminating the possibility of torn drapes, bent or damaged hardware, and cut […]

How to Store Pipe and Drape Hardware and Drapery

Part of caring for your pipe and drape equipment is storing it properly when not in use. There are a few really great options to consider for pipe and drape storage. Additionally, many storage solutions also double as transportation – win win. Read about our suggestions for pipe and drape storage below. Canvas Drapery Bag […]

What is the best fabric to use for pipe and drape displays?

While there isn’t exactly a BEST fabric to create drapery panels from for your pipe and drape display, listed below are some of the most common choices and customer favorites. Valdosta® Velour Valdosta® IFR is an economical, inherently flame retardant (IFR), all-purpose, medium weight, opaque, polyester velour with a matte finish. Available in weights of […]

How To Set Up a Pipe and Drape Backdrop

You’ve got your pipe and drape base plates, uprights, drape supports, and drapery panels, right? If you do, then read on and we’ll teach you how to construct a basic pipe and drape display. If not, check out our article on what you need to build a pipe and drape backdrop first. Let’s start building! […]