Tips on How to Measure for Stage Curtains

Tips on how to measure your existing stage curtains
flat Do your existing curtains have a tag? Drapery tags are usually found on one of the lower off-stage sides of the curtains. Sometimes they may also be sewn to the upper off-stage sides (attached to the webbing). This tag usually contains curtain sizes, fullness, flame retardancy, fabric type, color, and other useful information.

If your existing stage curtains do not have a tag, you will have to take some measurements (see below).
flat Measuring the height of your curtains
At the side hem, measure from the top of the curtain (don't worry about where the grommets are placed) to the bottom of the curtain. Make sure that the curtain is hanging straight and taut, and not pooled on the floor (this will affect your measurement). Δ
flat Measuring the width of your curtains
Measure your drape at the top webbing. The top webbed part of the drape is the true width of the panel. Measuring this part will eliminate any confusion due to fullness (that pleated look). Do not measure the width at the bottom hem. Measure each panel individually. Δ



Tips on how to measure for new stage curtains
The first step is to hang your track or pipe batten according to the manufacturer's instructions. Once that is secure, it is time to determine the height of the curtain.
Measuring the height
Measure from the bottom of the track (or pipe batten) to the floor.

If you are using a stage pipe batten to hang your stage curtain, please click here.

If you are using 140/300 series track to hang your stage curtain, please click here.

If you are using 170/100 series track to hang your stage curtain, please click here.

If you are using 280/400 series track to hang your stage curtain, please click here.
Measuring the width
Measure on the floor, the space that your stage curtain or drape needs to cover. Remember if you are measuring a bi-parting drape, you probably want it to overlap in the center. 
Georgia Stage generally recommends a 1' overlap of each panel at center stage. Also, please keep in mind that on proscenium curtains, you probably want a 6-12" overlap of the proscenium opening on both off-stage sides (provided you have enough space). Δ

Δ Important Note: The above tips are general broad guidelines to assist customers in determining curtain sizes of their specific venue based on their specific hardware. Track / carrier / hardware specifications and sizes change sporadically, so it is important that customers only use this as a general guideline to assist in the process of measuring for their specific curtains. Current track / carrier / hardware specifications and sizes are readily available at:

All sizes provided to Georgia Stage for stage curtain and drapery fabrication are the full responsibility of the customer.