How to Setup Pipe and Drape

Setting up a pipe and drape backdrop or display is a cinch. A basic pipe and drape backdrop is comprised of four components:

Pipe and Drape Base Plate Illustration

Base Plates

Pipe and Drape Upright Illustration


Drape Support Illustration

Drape Support

Pipe and Drape Panel Illustration

Drape Panel(s)

Pipe and Drape Setup Step 1

Step 1

Screw a base pin onto each base plate. It's best to wear protective gloves and use a screwdriver. No one told our illustrator this.

Pipe and Drape Setup Step 2

Step 2

Slip a fixed or adjustable upright over the base pin. Your base pin should be the same diameter as your upright.

Pipe and Drape Setup Step 3

Step 3

Slide your drape support through the pocket sewn into the top of your drape panel(s). Depending on the width of your display, you might need someone to hold the other end of your drape support.

Pipe and Drape Setup Step 4

Step 4

Connect the drape support to each upright by sliding the hook at either end into s slot on each upright. Again, depending on the width of your display, it's good to have help for this.

Pipe and Drape Setup Step 5

Step 5

That's all there is to it. Enjoy your beautiful new pipe and drape backdrop!

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