BarriClear™ Vinyl Drape Panel

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Colors shown may vary from display to display. Colors marked with an * are special order and cannot be purchased online. Actual fabric color may vary slightly due to differences in dye lots. Call 800-211-8217 if you would like to receive an actual color swatch or have a question about a color.

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Product Description


• Create a see-through protective barrier with our BarriClear™ vinyl 20 mil thick FR (flame retardant) drape

• BarriClear™ FR vinyl drape panels are a cost-effective way to provide protection, and create a sneeze guard, barrier or divider.

• Available in a variety of sizes to meet your individual needs

• Choose "Grommets" when hanging from existing structures with ties, C-Hooks or ceiling hooks

• Choose "Pipe Pocket" for hanging from existing pipe

• Choose "Unfinished" when hanging from our Vinyl Drape Hanger.


Available in the following sizes:

• 3'h x 2'3"w

• 3'h x 3'w

• 6'h x 3'w

• 6'-6"h x 4'6"w

• 8'h x 3'w

• 3'h x 4'w

• 6'h x 4'w

• 8'h x 4'6"w

• 10'h x 4'-6"w

• 4'h x 12'w