Stage Curtain Finishes

Top Finishes

Webbing, Grommets, and Ties Webbing, Grommets, Ties
Webbing, Hidden Grommets, and Ties Webbing, Hidden Grommets, Ties
Webbing with Twill Ties Above Webbing, Twill Ties Above
Webbing with Hidden Twill Ties Webbing, Hidden Twill Ties
Webbing with Snap Hooks Above Webbing, Snap Hooks Above
Webbing with Snap Hooks Flush Webbing, Snap Hooks Flush
Webbing with Snap Hooks Below Webbing, Snap Hooks Below
Webbing, Grommets, and S-Hooks Webbing, Grommets, S-Hooks
Webbing, Grommets, and Elephant Ears Webbing, Grommets, Elephant Ears
Webbing, Grommets, and CCF-2s Webbing, Grommets, CCF-2s
Pipe and Grommets Pipe and Grommets
Ripplefold Ripplefold
Button Snaps Button Snaps
Poly Webbing Poly Webbing
Jute Webbing Jute Webbing
Burn Sample Burn Sample

Side Finishes

Side Hem Side Hem
Webbing with Hook and Loop Webbing, Hook and Loop
Turn Back Turn Back
Webbing with Grommets Webbing, Grommets
Cable Pocket Cable Pocket
Webbing Patches with Grommets Webbing Patches, Grommets

Bottom Finishes

Weighted Hem with Weight Tape Weighted Hem, Weight Tape
Weighted Hem with Pipe Pocket Behind Weighted Hem, Pipe Pocket Behind
Weighted Corners Weighted Corners
Pipe Pocket Pipe Pocket
Suspended Pipe Pocket Suspended Pipe Pocket
Pipe Pocket with Feed Slits Pipe Pocket, Feed Slits


Unlined Unlined
Lined Flat Lined Flat
Lined with Fullness Lined, Fullness
Back-to-Back Curtains Back-to-Back Curtains


Flat or No Fullness Flat
Box Pleats with 50% Fullness 50% Box Pleats
Box Pleats with 75% Fullness 75% Box Pleats
Box Pleats with 100% Fullness 100% Box Pleats
Shirred Pleats Shirred Pleats (EventTex only)
Knife Pleats Knife Pleats
Mini Knife Pleats Mini Knife Pleats
Pinch Pleats Pinch Pleats

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