Lightweight Slip Fit Base with Pin (18" x 18")

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Colors shown may vary from display to display. Colors marked with an * are special order and cannot be purchased online. Actual fabric color may vary slightly due to differences in dye lots. Call 800-211-8217 if you would like to receive an actual color swatch or have a question about a color.

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Product Description

  • Lightweight, steel base features a low profile design with a stacking slot to reduce storage space.
  • Features 3 pin holes for added flexibility when placing pipe and drape upright, the center hole being the most commonly used.
  • Designed with convenient handle to make carrying easier
  • Includes 6" base pin (choose diameter above)
  • One base is required for each upright
  • Recommended for use with 2" 6'-10', 7'-12', 8'-14' adjustable uprights. See below for more recommendations.
  • Weight: 17 lbs


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