Home Theatre Curtains

Home Theatre Curtains

You've got the projection screen. You've got the high-end audio. You've even got the seats. But what about the curtains?

Make that home theatre official with gorgeous velour theatre curtains custom-made for your home theatre. Our home theatre curtains are available in four gorgeous heavyweight velour colors with optional bullion fringe. Our do-it-yourself, home theatre curtains are hung on straight, "walk-along" curtain track, which easily attaches to your ceiling. Our Stageperts will outfit you with everything you need to hang your own home theatre curtains. Contact us to order.

Home Theatre Curtain Velour Colors

Cabernet Velour Home Theatre Curtains Cabernet
Pewter Velour Home Theatre Curtains Pewter
Royal Velour Home Theatre Curtains Royal
Black Velour Home Theatre Curtains Black

Bullion Fringe Colors

Bright Gold Home Theatre Curtain Fringe Bright Gold
Antique Gold Home Theatre Curtain Fringe Antique Gold

Home Theatre Curtain Track Options

Because installation is do-it-yourself, we only offer straight curtain track in your required length. We'll provide you with either ADC 142 or 170 series track depending on your individual needs.

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