Backdrops for Stage, Studio and Theater

Stage Backdrops

For over 30 years, we've been manufacturing backdrops for the stage, inside studios for film and television, for trade shows, corporate events, and more. From muslin backdrops to paintable cycloramas to studio green screens, however big or small, our Stageperts will help bring your backdrop ideas to life. We think our work speaks for itself but take it from our customers.

All of our backdrops are fabricated in-house to meet your needs, specifications, timeline and most importantly, budget.

Backdrops for Stage and Theatre

Backdrops for Stage and Theatre

Backdrops are an integral part of a production, often used to achieve lighting effects, or depict a painted or printed background, such as a landscape or sky. Commonly used stage backdrop types include paintable NFR cycloramas, FR muslin backdrops, sharkstooth scrim backdrops, muslin-covered flats and canvas backdrops. Learn more here.

Backdrops for Television, Film and Studio

Backdrops for TV, Film and Studio

Backdrops are a necessity for television and film. Common applications include using chroma-key fabrics to create green screens in cases where a background needs to be replaced digitally or bounce drops made of leno, which allows for bold, saturated colors when lit. Need a backdrop for your production or studio? Contact one of our Stageperts or learn more here.

Austrian Backdrops

Swagged or Austrian Backdrops

Create instant elegance and luxury with a swagged or Austrian backdrop... on stage, in studio, in commercial spaces, and for events.

Stretch Shapes

Stretch Shapes

Stretch shapes can be used to create stunning, visually interesting backgrounds and decorative elements for events and stages of all kinds. Learn more here.

Kabuki Drops

Kabuki Drops

A Kabuki Drop is generally a theatre or event effect in which a lightweight fabric is dropped to reveal a product, artist, or space. Talk about impact. Learn more here or contact a Stagepert today.

Printed Backdrops

Printed Backdrops

Wide-format printing on a variety of substrates allows for the creation of truly custom backdrops, without all the manual labor. Awesome for events, bands, theatre, step-and-repeat banners, and more! Learn more here or contact a Stagepert today.

Rain Curtain Backdrop

Rain Curtain Backdrops

Create instant sizzle and excitement with a rain curtain backdrop. Filled with shimmering streamers and rich textures, rain curtains will out glisten anything for theatrical productions and special events. See color options here or contact a Stagepert today.

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