ADC Rig-I-Flex® 140 Series Track System (CWANA)


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Product Description

ADC Rig-I-Flex® 140 Series Complete Curtain Track System CWANA (Comes with all necessary accessories*) is a versatile I-beam track which has been engineered for both curved Model 140 and straight Model 141 cord operated systems as well as for "walk-along" Model 142 systems. Designed for medium weight curtains on stages and TV studios and for enclosing areas in industrial plants. Overall track length for cord-operated systems should not exceed 60’ for bi-parts or 40' for one-way draws. ADC Rig-I-Flex® 140 Series Complete Curtain Track utilizes spindles and idler brackets (Not included in CWANA pricing) for guiding the operating cord along the curved areas. The track can be curved on-the-job or at the factory (optional). Manually operated cord-drawn curved tracks require more effort than straight tracks. Therefore, motorized systems should be used, especially where sharp curves are involved.

Price is per foot.
*Accessories include track channel, single carriers and master carriers supplied on 12" centers (unless otherwise noted), end pulleys, floor pulley, lap clamps, hanging clamps, end stops and operating cord. Your particular installation may require additional hardware (not included).

1. All track systems are shipped unassembled.
2. Unless instructed otherwise, all track systems are assumed to be bi-part operation and will be outfitted as such.
3. Unless advised otherwise, all track systems will be assumed to be suspended installations and will be outfitted as such.

Purchasing a curtain track system typically requires guidance from a professional, experienced retailer or installer. Please contact us so that we can ensure you have everything you need to have a great show!