2834 / 413 Back Pack Guide


Colors shown may vary from display to display. Colors marked with an * are special order and cannot be purchased online. Actual fabric color may vary slightly due to differences in dye lots. Call 800-211-8217 if you would like to receive an actual color swatch or have a question about a color.

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Product Description

Technical Specifications:

  • For use with 280 Series Silent Steel® Curtain Track System
  • For machine operated 280 series tracks only
  • 2834 Back Pack Guide prevents the curtain from stacking until the curtain reaches the stack area. The curtains will not fold, or stack, while on stage. This is sometimes called a "sliding door" affect.
  • Used with any Model 280 track that is machine operated. Sized for No. 2829 cable. Obtainable as options, not included in any CWANA package.
  • Back Pack Guides must be installed so that they face the pulley end of each carrier as illustrated and are not attached to the master carriers nor to the last single carrier of the track system. To assure quiet track operation on 283-N & 283-R Series tracks, a No. 2827-A Rubber Spacer is inserted between the Back Pack Guide and the carrier and between the Back Pack guide and adjoining carrier. Rubber spacers are included with 280 series Back Pack Guides and do not have to be ordered separately.
  • Thickness 1/8"
  • Weight: 1 - 1 oz.